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Xiaomi recently has launched multiple charging devices in the wired and wireless segment.

Xiaomi give MI 55 wireless charging stand, 55Watt tracking charging pad the 120 watt charger and the 20 watt wireless car charger ,and also included with the unveiling of Mi 10 ultra with 120 watt of wired fast charging.

What’s So special About All of this?

The Mi 55 Watt Wireless Charging Stand is priced at CNY 199

(roughly Rs. 2,100).

The price is similar to the Mi 30 Watt Wireless Charger that was launched in India in May, and now available for Rs. 2,299.

The Mi 20 Watt Smart Tracking Charging Pad has a price tag of CNY 499 (roughly Rs. 5,300). The company has launched the device in white color and it is capable of wireless-ly charging two devices simultaneously.

Mi 100W Car Charger that is priced at CNY 99 (roughly Rs. 1,000) and it has a USB-C port and a USB-A port.

All the above mentioned Numbers and specifications are looking great but what these numbers have done is brought it decreased the time for charging and again the accessibility of charging to a new extent.

Why would it matter to you?

Mi 20 Watt Wireless Car Charger

Ideal for driving with its 20 Watt high-power output. Capable of charging Mi 9 from 0 to 45% in 30 minutes and to full power in a mere 90 minutes.

That is 3300 mAh Battery so making it a very great deal.

But finally all devices are not compatible with this device!

Support 10W wireless fast charging for Mi MIX 3, 7.5W wireless fast charging for Mi Mix 2S, and wireless charging for iPhone X.

Mi 55 Watt Wireless Charging Stand

The Mi 55 Watt Wireless Charging Stand wireless charger has a dual-colour design with black and gold colors. It comes with an LED at the bottom. According to a Mi Blog, the Mi 55Watt Wireless Charging Stand is compatible with all Xiaomi smartphones that support wireless charging, including the Mi 10 Ultra. It also supports Extended Power Profile (EPP) specification for fast charging.

Mi 100 Watt Car Charger

The Mi 100W Car Charger comes with a USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports. The charger reportedly has a maximum output of 68W when a user is charging two devices simultaneously. The USB-A port outputs a maximum of 18W, and the USB-C port has a maximum power output of 100W (when charging just one device). The company reportedly claimed that the charger will fully juice up the Mi 10 Ultra in 25 minutes. In India, the company already sells Xiaomi Mi Car Charger Pro 18W with dual charging support.

Mi 120 Watt Wired Charger

Now this is a big game,

The charger, MDY-12-ED, has a maximum output of 120W, achieved at 20V (the maximum defined by USB Power Delivery). The difference with the previous charger is that now the current goes up to 6A (the official spec tops out at 5A).

Other charging speeds are supported as well, starting from a modest 15W and going up to 120W.

Back when Xiaomi was teasing the 100 Watt charger (which was never released to consumers), it claimed that it can fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes. This one will likely be faster (vivo says it can do it within 13mins ).

But this goes beyond phones – 120W should be enough for powerful laptops as well.

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